Virtual Exhibition curated by Sakhile&Me

…on Love and Rebellion: Ana Paula dos Santos and Philip Crawford

The exhibition is a duo between Frankfurt based artist, Ana Paula dos Santos and Berlin based artist, Philip Crawford looking at the theme of solidarity for Stories of Color 2023 and reflecting on the workshops this year focusing on radical self care. The title of the exhibition, “…on Love and Rebellion”, hints at the meeting points of these themes and the connection between Ana-Paula dos Santos’ work (focusing on self-affirmation, love, family, friendship, empathy, intimacy) and Philip Crawford’s work looking at black life, black livingness, escape, entrapment, refusal, radical self-possession, self-defense, and in turn, the notion of “self-defensive care”. The title is inspired by both artists and directly borrows from the title of Crawford’s video work, “Mechanisms of Rebellion (Baoding Balls)”, which shows as part of the exhibition. The video work has no sound, and in all the areas where we would have ideally installed each artwork we place a QR code instead, leading to the exhibition page on the Stories of Color (SoC) official website. This exhibition has a total of 12 art works, 10 photographic works by Ana Paula dos Santos, 1 video work by Philip Crawford and 1 silkscreen print also by Philip Crawford.

About Us

We are an art gallery based in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). Working with an international roster of contemporary artists, our program intentionally prioritizes Africa and her diasporas as well as African-American positions, with the goal of drawing attention to contextual specificity in and through art – in content, medium and genre.

Sakhile&Me was founded in 2018 by Sakhile Matlhare and Daniel Hagemeier. Sakhile holds a doctoral degree in Sociology from Northwestern University and wrote her dissertation on how contemporary artists work alongside art curators, historians, gallerists and other experts in the gatekeeping process within and beyond the rubric of contemporary African art. Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Communications from the University of Sydney.

Foto: Katharina Dubno